Strobe Controller

The CH-751 basic strobe controller will control between 1 and 6 mono strobes, and features a flash on demand button, speed adjustable auto button, and sound-activation mode. The CH-751 is designed to be mounted flush in a DJ booth, and includes a 33ft. linking cable.

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Lo destacado

  • Controls up to 6 monostrobes

  • On / Off switch

  • Bump button for temporary flashes

  • Sound activation and speed control

  • Includes EST-MONO25FT cable (25ft)


  • Peso:1.4lbs
  • Tamaño:6in x 3in x 2.5in 152mm x 76mm x 64mm
  • Power: Switchable 110v / 230v

Lo que incluye

  • Strobe Controller